Martial Arts Academy Hosts Bullying Prevention Seminar

A martial arts academy has been hosting bullying prevention and self-defense classes to teach children how to defend themselves. Modern jiu-jitsu academy started their self-defense and anti-bullying program after they started receiving calls from worried parents about their children getting bullied.The training facility held a bullying awareness seminar with girl scout troops to teach them about self-defense and the confidence needed to step up to bullies. At the moment the academy has 45 students enrolled due to bullying. Being bullied can cause serious problems with self-esteem and can ultimately lead to suicide in most serious cases. Although bullying has been around since small kids were pushed around on the playground but experts say the problem has evolved into something much more sinister and isn’t going to end anytime soon. The trainers at modern jiu-jitsu encourage other parents to teach their children about the dangers of bullying and encourage students getting bullied to reach out for help and take action against their antagonizers.