In north Edinburg, authorities are searching for a man who fled after a high-speed chase.
Hidalgo County authorities are in the hunt for Mauricio Vidal a 27-year-old man who allegedly committed murder.  Neighbors in the area from which the man fled are now worried and say they heard noise between the brushes early morning. Hidalgo County authorities are now asking residents to lock their doors and avoid picking up hitchhikers.  A local ice cream vendor tells us how in the midst of the manhunt has to continue her daily routine risking her safety.  The incident was reported this morning around nine.  Hidalgo County officials were able to detain one of the men through a high-speed chase on Mile 22 and a half north of Edinburg.  However, his partner Mauricio Vidal who is allegedly accused of murder fled the scene.  If you have any information or recognize this man you can call Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers anonymously.