WEBB County — It took a jury about three hours to find Mario Angel Gonzalez guilty for the murder of Lesley Sanchez.

After hearing the verdict, the 16-year-old’s family members broke down in tears.  We reached out to them, but they declined to comment.

Today during closing arguments, the District Attorney’s Office said all evidence pointed to Gonzalez. However, his attorney maintains his client’s innocence in the 2017 murder.

Earlier this week, multiple people testified. Lesley’s uncle said that after they realized she was missing, the search began.  The family was able to find her body after her best friend tracked her location through a GPS.

An officer with the Laredo Police Department says Lesley’s body was found face down and with only one shoe on. Adding that ants were on her because the body was starting to decompose.

The Webb County Medical Examiner testified that Lesley was stabbed multiple times and that there were signs of a struggle. It was also determined that she was not raped.

Authorities say that through an investigation, they found that Mario Angel Gonzalez left his parents’ house at about 8:30 pm towards the park where the minor was found and returned home at about 11.

Judge Joe Lopez sentenced Gonzalez to life in prison.