This morning, 34-year-old Michael Jeremy Ramirez was arrested by Harlingen authorities. He is accused of assaulting a man with a baseball bat.
The incident happened Monday at around 6:30 pm on the 2800 block of Treasure Hills Boulevard.
According to authorities, they received a call regarding a person with a knife. When officials arrived at the scene, they found a man with serious injuries to his head.
After police spoke to witnesses, they were told Ramirez allegedly struck the victim with a baseball bat after being involved in an altercation.
Fox News spoke to a neighbor who says he saw the victim getting into the ambulance with major wounds.
“It was bad. He had a shaved head but he had a big knot. You could see he couldn’t focus, he was not doing good.”
Neighbors who witnessed the incident tell us they still feel secure, although this isn’t the first altercation at the apartment complex.
“I still feel safe here. I’m surrounded by family and there’s a lot of good people. You’re going to find some bad apples, they are everywhere but mostly good.”
“It don’t bother me. I’ll always be careful, I watch my back. The people that live here, we look out for one and another. It’s a good, safe neighborhood.”
The reason behind the altercation is still unknown. Ramirez is facing aggravated assault charges and is in custody at the Harlingen City Jail. The victim remains at the hospital in serious condition.