Man Guilty Of Murder Awaits Sentencing

Yesterday, the jury declared Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval guilty of murder, in the death of an off-duty border patrol agent.
Today, five people testified before the jury, among them was Pedro Machuca. According to his testimony, he was attacked by Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval and four others on July 5, 2014, about one month before Javier Vega Jr.’s shooting death. Machuca was fishing with his wife and grandson in Rio Hondo. He says the suspects approached them and demanded the keys to his vehicle after hitting him on the head with a gun.
Yanira Espinoza, another witness, says she was also approached by Tijerina-Sandoval while fishing with her husband and children in Rio Hondo.
Tijernia-Sandoval could be facing the death penalty after being found guilty in the 2014 murder of Vega Jr.
On August 3rd, 2014 Vega Jr. was shot and killed while fishing with his family at a park in Willacy County. According to witnesses Vega Jr. and his father Javier Vega Sr. were gunned down by Tijernia-Sandoval and his co-defendant Ismael Hernandez Vallejo after they attempted to steal their vehicles. Vega Sr. was also shot by the defendants as he fired back at them.
For now, the sentencing phase will continue, tomorrow more witnesses are expected to testify. We will keep you informed on this case.

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