Man Dead After Officer-Involved Shooting

In south Laredo, one man is dead after a shooting involving a police officer.
At around 11 in the morning, officers responded to a domestic disturbance call at the 300 block of Soria drive.
“When the officers arrived, our general understanding is that there was an individual that came out of the residence and was armed with a weapon. I don’t have confirmed what type of weapon it was but we do have the officers had no other recourse but to use deadly force against the individual.”
According to the Laredo Fire Department, the man was in his 30’s. They say the man sustained multiple shots to the chest.
“Crew proceeded to try to treat the patient and start transporting him to Laredo Medical Center. It was during the route to Laredo Medical Center that he was declared deceased but there’s no actual time of death.”
Neighbors who did not want to speak on camera, say they heard a disagreement and then shots fired. Some witnesses were taken to Laredo Police Headquarters to submit their declaration.
Laredo police confirm three officers have been placed on administrative reassignment, pending investigation after the shooting, due to procedures in these type of cases. We will keep you informed as more information is available.

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