In Laredo, an argument between two men takes a turn for the worst.

A man is charged with aggravated kidnapping after authorities say he assaulted a man. According to witnesses who spoke to Laredo Police officers, Isaias Sandoval forced a person at knifepoint to get inside a vehicle.

“Then drove that vehicle to an area near a block away from proximity from the hospital. It’s still in the process of verification as to what led to this it was some sort of argument that is still being looked at.”

Authorities say that after a short struggle between the man and Sandoval, the victim got away and ran to a nearby hospital to ask for help. He was treated for what police say were non-life-threatening injuries.

“He was cut with the knife by the assailant. He called police once he was in the hospital which led them to an address on Cherry Hill. They found the vehicle, they found the guy and they were able to do an arrest.”

Sandoval remains behind bars at the Webb County Jail. Laredo police continue investigating what led to the alleged kidnapping.