Cameron County (KFXV) — In Cameron County, a group of contractors are hoping to get President Trump’s attention.
Several contractors are down in the valley in the process of building a border wall model they hope, President Trump will look at and possibly choose as the new wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
Four contractors based out of Houston are all working together in hopes of getting Donald Trump’s attention in South Texas.
Back in April, this prototype was submitted to the department of homeland security but it was rejected.
Rusty Monses, Brownsville ranch owner– supports the construction so much he let the contractors use his land to build it.
Saying he’s unhappy with the current wall next to his house.
Monses says there are a number of factors as to why this fence wasn’t a good idea, adding he lives in the forgotten area of ‘no man’s land’.
Monses adds that illegal immigration has not stopped through this area.
But the model of what could be an option presented to the president in upcoming weeks could very well change that.
The company’s proposed wall would cost an estimated four-million dollars per mile.
These contractors hope that the prototype will be in Washington within the next two weeks for President Trump to see.