Man Accused of Kidnapping Undocumented Immigrant, Family Says the Allegations are Lies

A man accused of kidnapping an undocumented immigrant is given a $500,000 bond, but the family of that man says the allegations are nothing but lies.

A San Juan man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman faced charges this afternoon, but the suspect’s family is now speaking up about what they allege is a lie.

Fifty-two year-old, Noe Manuel Mendoza, was charged with aggravated kidnapping and given a half-a-million-dollar bond. This after an undocumented Mexican woman, called the 9-1-1 hotline, requesting help, claiming she had been held against her will for the last six months. Now Mendoza’s family is speaking out, claiming it’s all a lie. They also released some recordings that they allege the woman in question has lived with the family for the past three years. San Juan police tell Fox 2 News the investigation is still ongoing, they also added that Mendoza has prior charges related to human smuggling.

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