LULAC president Roger Rocha is facing criticism for endorsing President Donald Trump’s immigration framework which includes a border wall.
Rocha is the leader of one of the oldest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S.  Last week Rocha wrote a letter to President Donald Trump stating the civil rights group support Trump’s plan for a border wall,  in exchange for protection of young immigrants who are brought to the country illegally. Rocha also stated he would endorse the new restrictions on legal immigration;
This caused several LULAC activists and members across the country to question Rocha’s dedication to the group.  Rocha’s support created a backlash, where six LULCA  midwest state directors, national vice president for elderly and national midwest demanded Rocha to retract the letter sent to the president, formally apologize to the national board for his action and resign immediately.  Several DACA participants stating Rocha’s decision not only betrayed them but made them worried Congress would not make a decision in regards to immigration and dreamers anytime soon. Rocha confirmed he would be retracting his letter, but there is no word of a resignation as of yet.