We all do it, we lower the AC and we plug in that second fan during summer days, but plugging that extra fresh air means more electricity is being used.
While temperatures across South Texas are increasing, our use of electricity does not have to.
“During these hot days, the electric grid across Texas really gets loaded up, so by definer things for a later time like laundry it just helps the whole grid get through these days better.”
According to Lee Jones, AEP manager of community affairs, doing simple things such as using ceiling fans, having curtains, not using a dishwasher and not doing laundry during the hottest time of day, can help you stay a little more comfortable. Now, you may be asking yourself what if I’m leaving home? What should I do? Well, the answer is simple.
“If you’re going to be away from the house it’s probably wise to set the thermostat up a few degrees so the air condition does not run as much.”
Using many appliances at the same time to keep your home cool doesn’t sound like a bad idea but having too many plug-ins can cause an overload.
“It is a common thing to overload our system especially during this summer season, and so it is considered to have a fire due to a false connection and an overload of a system and that is the reason why we need to be very vigilant.”
With those triple temperatures continuing all summer long, it’s important to know simple tips to keep your money and home safe.