With temperatures reaching the triple digits, authorities are urging parents to be extra cautious and double check the back seat of their vehicle.
Weslaco Fire Department Lieutenant Armando Lopez, says a person who is left inside a hot vehicle for more than 10 minutes has the possibility of suffering a heat stroke.
“The temperatures rises really quick in a secured vehicle and it may rise as much as 24 degrees on top of the outside temperatures already so that in itself causes it to become a very, very dangerous situation.”
Officials say leaving children behind in a hot car can become deadly in a matter of minutes. Yesterday in Houston, a 3-year-old boy died in the hospital after being forgotten in a daycare van for more than three hours. It was until the father went to pick him up that they found out he was left behind.
Harlingen Police Department Sergeant Sal Carmona, tells Fox News the body temperature of a child rises five times faster than an adult’s.
“Right here this is the outside temperature, here right now and this vehicle temperature is what it is inside that pickup truck it says that it’s 134 inside the car.”
It’s recommended to place your purse, briefcase or cell phone in the back seat to remind you that your child is in the car. Officials say make “look before you leave” a routine whenever you get out of your vehicle.