San Juan police made two racing arrests, issued 13 citations and towed away several vehicles. This comes after enforcing a loitering ordinance at one of the city’s busiest roads. 

More than a hundred vehicles drive around 495 and Nolana Street every Thursday night. The San Juan Chief of police says they are having a problem with a lot of drivers crowding around private property and causing traffic delays for businesses in the area.

The chief tells Fox News the problem is that they have stopped unlicensed drivers and intoxicated juveniles. Plus, they have found some in possession of drugs and seen people racing in the area. The chief adds that businesses and residents that access that main road complain every Thursday.

Cruise night, as many of these drivers call it, is usually every Thursday night around 8 pm to 12 am. 

“I have a Dodge Charger RT, it has some modes on it. I just come here to show off my car and see what everybody else has.” 

“We’re just driving around with our friends having a good time. Sometimes there is nothing to do at the house so we are just here looking at other trucks.” 

Authorities say they will be enforcing more police presence through that area. 

Officials say motorists will be cited if they drive there for the purpose of impeding traffic. If caught disobeying the law, drivers could be fined up to 375 dollars.