UNITED STATES (KFXV) — Local reaction to the president’s proposal that would radically alter the current immigration system. Fox News spoke to a local leaders about how the new proposal could affect immigrants in the RGV. With efforts to reduce overall immigration by 50 percent, the R.A.I.S.E. Act presented today by the president and two republican senators will use a merit based system when considering to allow immigrants into the country legally. This, according to Trump, would improve the country’s economy. The new proposal would enforce stricter requirements when issuing green cards. This will dismantle the current immigration system that allows citizens to petition for family members. It also requires those applying to know English and demonstrate professional skills. It would also reduce the number of refugees allowed into the country. Director of La Union Del Pueblo Entero states this is an injustice towards those who help the economy of the U.S. Economist Davila states that it can be a benefit to the country. Davila says the lack of cheap labor done by immigrants would cause the price of products to rise, stating it will also hurt the economy. Davila also states immigrants help the economy by contributing through taxes, especially here along the border. In order for this to take effect, congress must first approve it.

We will keep you updated with further details as they revealed.