President Trump announced he would be imposing a five percent tariff on Mexican goods. Congressman Henry Cuellar believes he won’t go through with this decision.

Through his twitter account, Trump said the tariff will gradually increase until the illegal immigration problem ends.

“I would urge our president that Washington should leave trade alone because we all need trade and then deal with the migrant issue different, separately but don’t mix both.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar

Congressman Cuellar says this announcement took him by surprise adding that implementing this tariff would be a disaster.

“he needs to realize he is not talking to an individual. He is talking to hundreds of millions of Mexicans. He is talking to a country and now that Mexico surpassed Canada and China as the number one partner, how can we impose a tariff of five percent on every good and then increase it up to 25 percent? I don’t think he’s going to do it but then again you never know with this president.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar

Cuellar says Trump needs to focus on approving the new trade agreement.

“You don’t hurt the economy by addressing an immigration issue, you just don’t hurt trade by addressing the immigration issue. He should sit down with the Mexicans.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar

This tariff is expected to be implemented on June 10. A member of the international trade community said there is a possibility the volume of shipment will double these coming days to avoid the tariff.

“We are taking a look at our operations. We are trying to utilize all the facilities that we have. We find it in the early morning hours the bridges underutilized we are not seeing as much traffic in the morning.”

Congressman Henry Cuellar

If this tariff is implemented, it could increase up to 25 percent as a way of pushing the immigration issue to be resolved.