Local officials are preparing for the expected visit from President Trump. McAllen’s mayor says he wasn’t informed of such plans until this morning and even now, details regarding Trump’s itinerary are limited.

On Monday, President Trump first announced his plans to address the nation on what he says is a humanitarian crisis in the southern border.

Mayor Darling describes Trump’s visit to the border as much needed, given high rates of immigrants crossing in through the South Texas region.

“How we deal with asylum seekers is just as important to make sure we are addressing it fairly and in a more efficient way.”

The director for the Catholic Charities Center in McAllen says she is wanting to meet with President Trump. This shelter has been a popular destination for politicians who visit the border.

“It’s important that he actually gets to see and understand who we are and how things are happening here at the border.”

According to Pimentel, this is what most families are.

“Victims of a lot of injustices and inhumanities that are occurring. You know throughout their journeys and they are asking for protection.”

According to a White House statement, the president will arrive at the McAllen airport around 12 pm.