Local law enforcement agencies are attending a bicycle patrol training to have better access to limited spaces.
The International Police Mountain Bike Associate Training is a week-long course that consists of 40 hours.The classes teach officers slow speed skills, slow maneuvers, balance and pedal retention for bike safety.
Joe Hernandez, UTRGV police officer and certified bike training instructor tells Fox News that besides faster response time, one of the benefits of bike patrol units is positive interactions with citizens in the community.
“You can respond to calls a lot faster. It helps with community policing as far as what we are trying to do for the public, for our staff, for our visitors, for our students. It’s just a whole lot better.”
Bike units are successfully utilized by campus PD. Officers from the Weslaco Police Department Community Outreach Division are currently attending the training. Officer Mariscal tells us the bike units will be used to patrol the city’s parks, community events, neighborhoods, shopping centers, and parking lots.
“There are different instances where you can’t use vehicles in the city of Weslaco. We have a motorcycle but there are also limits to where a motorcycle can go a bicycle you can pretty much use it as anything.”
Mariscal added that this Saturday their bike patrol units will be put to use at the annual city of Weslaco Clean Sweep event. The next bike training session will be held in June and July. If you would like more information you can contact the UTRGV police department at 956- 882-4911.