The Texas Education Agency just released its accountability ratings. While school districts in Laredo performed well, officials say there’s still work to get done.

The Laredo Independent School District received an overall rating of a B or an 87. LISD is one of 356 charter and districts that received this rating.
“We understand that a B plus and 87 is a great place to start but as a district, we understand that is not our goal. Our goal is to receive an A status for every one of our schools.”
United ISD received an A rating or a 92 as part of its overall rating. The district was one of 153 districts to achieve this letter grade.
“More importantly because of the high numbers of economically disadvantaged population that we serve, it’s a 75.4 percent we are one of four districts that educate more than 20,00 students that received an a that is extremely phenomenal.”
Although districts received a good rating, they say they’re striving for an A plus and will achieve this by offering tutoring and an advanced curriculum instruction. These letter grades are part of the state’s new A through F accountability system which is mostly based in STAAR exam results. Districts are graded on performance in three areas: Student achievement, school progress and closing the gaps, which looks at the performance among student groups.
If you’d like to see how each school performed, you may visit the Texas education website at www.Tea.Texas.Gov.