Legality Battle Continues over DACA/DAPA Programs

The battle continues over the legality of President Obama’s deferred action programs.

Today, the government presented evidence to show it is complying with the judge’s orders to retract 2,000 DACA permits… it’s tonight’s FOX 2 special report.

Federal District Judge Andrew Hanen convened the attorneys representing the government to show proof that they are not stalling on the retraction of deferred action permits he ordered earlier this year.

More than six months have passed since Hanen placed an injunction to halt the president’s executive order on immigration as a result of a lawsuit backed by 26 states.

Since then, officials have missed several deadlines to comply, but today Hanen heard progress. But, word in Washington indicates that this battle is far from over.

The government has a final report deadline of September 25th to conclude its retraction or face contempt by the judge.

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