Police are sending out an alert on a new type of scam that involves the installation of satellite cable. So far, Laredo Police have received two cases.

Authorities want the community to remain alert and be careful if someone goes to your house offering a discounted rate on home satellite cable service.

“Most of the time there are existing customers that already have an account set up and this is happening, appears to be with someone that is working with the actual company.”

Police say a person goes to the victim’s home and installs new equipment.

“And then all of a sudden they get a call from the same person who is actually asking for money for that installation that was never agreed upon.”

When the victim questions the price for the installation, the problem begins.

“The person who has done the installation is actually making threats against the victim and trying to extort money by making threats against the client.”

With two cases reported, Laredo Police want the community to be careful and not immediately trust any services published on social media or classifieds.

If you have been a victim, report it by calling authorities at 795-2800.