Laredo, Texas — Police are warning businesses about an ongoing phone scam.

Authorities say a person pretending to be a corporate representative is calling people and asking them to make a deposit into a bank account. So far, only two victims have been reported.

Authorities explain to us the caller gains their trust by naming a manager from the company they work for. 

“That they were supposed to make some sort of deposit and basically the employee, no real malice intended, was told to go and grab the deposit and go to a bank and deposit the money into a different account.”

Businesses that are affected by these calls are 24-hour convenience stores or restaurants. Officials say scam calls are becoming more common in the community. 

“Virtual kidnappings, people claiming to be from the IRS collecting money, collectors from debts threatening arrest, all these long lists of people trying to commit different scams.” 

With people falling victims to these types of calls, Laredo police are asking businesses to talk to their employees and warn them about this scam. They say that if someone calls at a late hour to make a deposit, it should be considered a red flag. And for community members, if they feel a call is suspicious, to hang up and report it. 

If you feel you may have fallen victim to these type of calls, notify your employer and call the Laredo Police Department at 795-2800.