Laredo, Texas– Police say their low numbers are due to a year-long initiative launched to reduce the number of fatal crashes.

In 2018, police investigated 28 fatal crashes that resulted in 31 deaths. 19 of those accidents happened at night and 50 percent of them were caused by intoxicated drivers.

“This last year, we were able to reduce it by 11 fatalities only 12 deaths in the roadway. Most importantly, the majority of those accidents in previous years were at nighttime and more than half were alcohol or intoxication-related.”

In 2019, there was a 78 percent decrease in fatal collisions compared to the previous year. Of the eleven accidents, only four were reported at night and three involved an intoxicated driver. Laredo police say these reductions are due to the partnership they have with TxDOT and vision zero as well as other initiatives.

“…We will continue to make those awareness initiatives, we will continue to have our officers be active in their presence in these highways during the evening hours when these accidents were taking place”

Police say you can help them with their mission to reduce the number of fatalities from traffic crashes on Laredo roadways…

“Using seat belts, not getting intoxicated behind the wheel of a vehicle, not being distracted with cell phone or any other device and obeying speeding limits and of course traffic laws”

Laredo police continue to patrol the city — hoping that this year, the number of fatal crashes will be lower than 2019.