If you were recently at Mall Del Norte and spotted a yellow ticket on your windshield, there’s no need to panic. That was not an actual citation but a report card.

Laredo Police have been at the mall inspecting vehicles to make sure that drivers are taking necessary precautions to avoid being a victim of theft.

Officers are checking if cars are being locked, and then leaving a report card grading you on your safety measures and determining if you pass or fail.

“We want to stress that this is a crime of opportunity and we want the public to remember that they can do their part to avoid being victims of crime. So what they can do is leave their vehicles locked to make sure they don’t leave anything in plain view that they put things in their trunk take their keys with them at all times park in well-lit areas.”

Police say auto theft burglary is down 6 percent in comparison to last year and with Black Friday coming up, they want everyone to be careful and make sure all vehicles are locked.