Laredo police department arrested a couple after hospital in laredo reported at six-month-old had signs of physical abuse. Authorities say that the injuries occurred over 2 months ago.

Doctors hospital staff contacted laredo police department after six month old child had visible signs of physical abuse. According to authorities on August 1st the mother of the child took her son to the hospital complaining the child but not stop crying. Reports indicate that after x-rays were taken, the results showed the toddler had two broken arms. Due to the amount of time left untreated, his left arm was nearly detached from his body and was severely swollen and had a heavy bruising.

“Fractures in both arms. The right arm had already began the healing process meaning of a child was left like that, for several weeks.”

Child Protective Services and Laredo Police were called to the hospital and are treating the case as child abuse and neglect. Authority stated that the child was injured around late July or early August, at 3219 Pecan Street, south of Laredo.

“Officers quickly initiated contact with the mother who was there at the hospital. They turned the case over to the special investigations unit who headed the investigation at the culmination of a multi-week investigation, they determined that it was actually the father not the mother had actually caused the injuries.”

On September 13th authorities arrested the father of the minor identified as 25-year-old Jesus Daniel Ruiz. The child’s mother Claudia Yvette Rodriguez has turned herself into authorities. During the preliminary investigation, both parents give several versions of the incident, stating that their other child, a two-year-old, was the one responsible for the child’s injuries. Both parents were arrested on charges of abandoning or endangering a child. Have a fine of $100,000 and are at risk of losing custody of both children.