Laredo Police say 37-year-old Genitza Jenny Fernandez burned her son’s hand as a form of punishment.

The incident was reported September 21 after school officials noticed burn injuries on an 11-year-old boy. A school counselor told police the victim said his mother had punished him by holding his hands to a hot stove until he admitted to taking money.

At first, the mom said the boy accidentally burned himself.

“Based on the information that we gathered from the detectives, she claimed that it was some sort of discipline. At this time it’s allegations, it’s still unconfirmed on the information but again the information obtained by investigators was enough information to have a judge sign a warrant.”

According to the report, Fernandez did not seek medical attention. Instead, she called a doctor in Nuevo Laredo to seek medical advice for her son’s injuries.

In this case, Fernandez was charged with injury to a child and endangerment of a child. She is now facing additional charges for evadingĀ arrest.

“Officers responded to her residence to be able to serve those warrants and while serving those warrants Mrs. Fernandez locked the door, closed the door on the officers and the officers had no other means to make the arrest other than breaking the door and locating Mrs. Fernandez in her bedroom.”

The mother is out on bond from the Webb County Jail. Laredo Police say Child Protective Services was notified of this case.