Laredo, Texas — A road was closed early this morning due to an accident that left one man seriously injured.

The incident was reported in the Cuatro Vientos area at about 6:20 am. At the scene, Laredo Police found a man who had been ejected from his vehicle. He was identified as 30-year-old Juan Manuel Ortiz.

“Now the officers at the scene requested the assistance of the Laredo Fire Department paramedics to assess the injuries and the medical condition of Ortiz. From the scene, he was taken to a local hospital and then to a hospital in San Antonio where he remains in stable condition.”

The fire department says Ortiz was found unresponsive with possible internal injuries. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

“As of right now, the initial information that we have into the accident is that it was a single-vehicle rollover. We do not have details or any other information that indicates a second vehicle was involved in this accident.”

The Cuatro Vientos area had to be closed as officers investigated the scene. A four-vehicle crash was reported on Loop 20. Later on that morning, more police activity was the scene in the area. DPS says it was a female requesting EMS assistance.

With two accidents reported today, Laredo Police are sending this message to the community.

“Once again the department wants to remind the community of Laredo that whenever you are out in the streets of Laredo, always maintain caution, stay alert to your surroundings and if you have to be somewhere at a certain time leave with enough time so you can be driving the speed limit.”

Authorities remind the community that they will continue patrolling the streets of Laredo to make sure everyone is following their advice.