23-year-old Raul Saldaña is now facing charges of aggravated assault family household and attempt of Sexual Assault.

The incident was reported at the 1800 block of Convent street. At the scene, Laredo Police found a woman who said Saldaña and her were in the process of a separation when he arrived at the home.  

“Shortly after Raul arrived they got into a verbal argument and once the verbal argument ended, the caller decided to get into the shower. Now, while she was in the shower she heard screaming from inside the residence.”

The woman said she quickly got out of the shower only to find the 16-year-old with a cut in her hand and an abrasion on her neck.

“It was discovered that when the caller was in the shower, Raul had actually asked the victim how long the caller was going to take. When the victim said she wasn’t sure and attempted to go into the bedroom, Raul grabbed her, placed a knife on her neck and told her to drop her pants.”

The victim was able to take away the knife from Saldaña and began screaming for help. The 23-year-old then took back the weapon and fled the scene. 

Saldaña remains behind bars at the Webb County Jail with a bond set at 15-thousand dollars.