The Laredo Police Department has released its annual crime rate showing data from 2009. 

The report details cases such as homicides and aggravated assaults, showing an increase in the number of sexual offenses. Chief of Police Claudio Trevino says there is a good explanation for this.

In 2009, there were 77 sexual offense cases reported and since last year, that number has increased 88 percent with 145 cases.

“This is due to the fact that the different crimes that got categorized into sexual offenses are sexual offense by contact or indecent exposure so that caused the numbers to inflate.”

The number of homicides reduced by 42 percent. Last year, Laredo Police investigated 11 homicides, the highest number was in 2009.

“Different efforts having more police presence in the streets. Our patrol officers addressing different types of crime. We are working with the DA’s office to bring these suspects to the justice system and process them accordingly.”

Authorities also revealed the clearance rates in crimes. Last year, they solved 73 percent of homicides. The clearance rate in sexual offenses is at  59 percent. Vehicle theft in Laredo has reduced 89 percent. However, police remind the community to remain alert.  

“We continue to ask citizens to lock their doors, to lock their cars, don’t leave any items visible that may attract any type of criminal to break into their vehicle to avoid being victims.”

Remember, you can help Laredo Police by reporting crimes anonymously at 727-TIPS or Laredo Police Department at 795-2800.