City officials reported a 70-year-old woman with an underlying health condition died from COVID-19 Sunday night…

According to Laredo and Webb county officials, this is the first death related to the disease. The woman was being treated in intensive care at Laredo medical center.

“Persons with underlying conditions, chronic pulmonary, heart, hypertension, cancer, obesity, diabetes you know can complicate the same as flu or it can be promised. And this person did have a chronic pulmonary condition

Over the weekend, the city of Laredo confirmed its first pregnant case. The woman is stable and in quarantine. This is a case of community transmission.

Health officials are already discussing what’s next for this patient.

“This opens a new arena for labor delivery they are going to have to be ready to deliver this baby in complete isolation, taking all protective equipment to make sure the staff is protected and the baby is protected”

Health officials continue to investigate these cases and ask the community to continue practicing social distancing.