Lack of Security in Polling Station in La Joya

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It’s after a report about the need of greater security a polling station in La Joya that we asked: how safe is our vote?
On Thursday evening the presiding judge for the polling station in the city of La Joya, Jim Barnes, sent out a message to the hidalgo county elections administrator and the city mayor, requesting more security.
It appeared that someone gained access to the La Joya Youth Center where the electronic ballot boxes are kept.
During a contended election, the security of everyone’s vote is essential, that’s why new security measures are being put into place.
In addition to counting votes manually, the electronic ballot boxes are protected by keys, passwords and seals.
The elections administrator assures tampering with the machines is practically impossible.
However the boxes must still be kept out of reach, the presiding judge is requesting an armored steel cage.
If you suspect any fraudulent or criminal activity at polling locations you may report it to your county’s elections department.

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