Korean War Veteran Pleading for Help in Finding Lost Service Dog

It’s been almost a month since Jim McCoy lost his best friend; a service dog named ‘Hero’.

Jim, a war veteran, is asking FOX 2 viewers to be on the lookout…

“I don’t think I could be here today if it wasn’t for that dog.”

On December 11 Hero vanished… 87-year-old Jim McCoy depends on his best friend for help, support and comfort.

“He sleeps alongside me in the bed… He’s there when I get up… He’s glad to see me… And I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.”

A neighbor was taking care of hero while the couple was on vacation. Jan, Jim’s wife, showed me how she thinks hero may have broken out of her neighbor’s patio.

“He broke through the screen and then he pushed one of these boards aside, which could not have been easy. He had to work on that for a while. Once he got it aside, he went right through it.”

Jim, a Korean War veteran, suffers from PTSD. His wife knows how important this dog is to her husband’s health.

“He alerts my husband if someone is at the door, or if the phone rings he helps him with that… He’s just so much a part of his life and mine. It’s just unimaginable not to have him back.”

In these pictures you can see hero has a collar with id tags. He’s also microchipped.

“His return could save my husband.”

The McCoy’s at this point are just hoping someone will find him and bring him home.

“He’s a very smart dog… And I miss him so much. I need him. I just need him back.”

The McCoy’s are offering a $100 reward for Hero’s safe return. If you know where he is, or have seen him, call the McAllen Police Department at (956) 681-2000.

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