It has now been 6 years since the murder of her daughter Jolissa Rangel. Her mother says she is not giving up until Justice is served for the death of her daughter.

Authorities believe 3 men responsible for the death of Jolissa Rangel who was found dead in her apartment 6 years ago. This murder is now considered a Cold Case. However, her family is not giving up until The Killers are found.

The surveillance video released by Edinburg police shows the suspects running away from the scene. Each suspect getting into a pickup truck. Julissa Rangel was 20-years-old when she was murdered. She Left Behind a son who now wants to know what happened to his mother.

“He wants to talk to the bad boys to tell them not to hurt nobody no more and he wants to know why did they hurt his mommy if he didn’t do anything, to them and their mommy didn’t do anything to them. “

Martha Rangel

Martha Rangel has been reaching out to law enforcement since 2013 to solve her daughter’s case.

“Help us. If you help others then us help us too. It’s not easy and we’re not going to find peace. This is a wound as not gonna heal. so I tell them, hear me out, have compassion.”

Martha Rangel

Martha is an advocate for family and friends of murdered children to support others going through the same situation.

“This cold case is very important to solve. We need to bring Justice. We need to bring peace and hope for all the families.”

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia tells us that the Edinburg Chief of Police has created a Cold Case unit to help find those responsible for to Lisa’s death.

That is something very important for us. He came down and talked with the family and not to forget the case of Jolissa or others that are pending in Edinburg police departments cold cases.

Robert Garcia

Garcia says he wants families of other murder victims to know that they are welcome to join his organization to get the help and support they need.

The Rangel family says they will not give up until the murder of Jolissa is solved. No matter how long it might take. They hope authorities continue investigating.