Today, a judge declares enough evidence was presented during the past two weeks to determine fraud was committed during current Mission mayor’s campaign.

Armando Ocana’s legal team gave their final arguments today. They claim the judge could not possibly know whether the 157 votes submitted gave Ocana the mayor position.

Despite their argument, the judge made his decision.

“I declare the June runoff election results to be void.”

Two months after the runoff elections, the judge determined Ocana’s campaign had practiced illegal tactics by bribing voters and paying them 10 to 20 dollars per vote.

“The judge was very clear in his ruling. It was clear from day one that fraud was everywhere. They should be prosecuted.”

The judge also ruled fraud happened when members of the Ocana campaign helped residents fill out their mail-in ballots even though assistance was not requested.

“I am already in talks with governor Greg Abbott on how to fix this problem because it causes fraud to be established all across south Texas.

Ocana’s legal team says they will appeal the judge’s ruling and should get a response in less than two months.

“The judge failed to do his job, the law clearly states it and we know the appeals court will overrule his say.”

The judge has ordered another runoff election in November if the court of appeals doesn’t overrule today’s verdict.