José Luis garcía jr was sentenced to 8 years in prison and a 10,000 fine after being found guilty for tampering with physical evidence.

The jury deliberated for over 12 hours – finding Garcia not guilty for the murder of Chayse Olivarez.

This morning both sides presented the final arguments for the punishment phase. The defense asked the jury to consider probation and the state asked for the maximum sentence – 10 years and a 10,000 fine.

Two witnesses on the defense team took the stand to testify during the punishment trial. Jessica Villareal, Garcia’s aunt testified first – she mentioned that her nephew is currently taking online classes to receive his high school diploma since he was kicked out of school following his arrest.

She asked the jury to consider probation so Garcia can finish his education as he plans to attend college and major in psychiatry.
García’s probation officer, Daniel Martinez also took the stand. He mentioned that his client had to report to him on a weekly basis as a condition on his bond.

García is under community supervision were he has to be with a parent at all times. The only time that Garcia violated his probation was when he went to go report to his office without a parent. He was reported by Olivarez’s father who saw him at a gas station. García went alone to his weekly visit since his mother came across a family issue.

During closing arguments, the district attorney’s office stated that the community had been left with a sense of miscarriage of justice since Olivarez wasn’t given a first or second chance.

Olivarez’s immediate family wasn’t seen in court today.

A phone conference is scheduled to take place next week to determine the official date co-defendant Sebastian Torres’ trial will begin.