Animal control dropped off a Japanese primate on Monday at the center where it has been under their care up until today.
The primate who goes by Charlie was a family’s mascot but was turned into animal control after biting a child. Charlie has undergone multiple evaluations to detect potential contagious diseases.
According to Hidalgo Health authorities, the Japanese macaque commonly carries the herpes b virus which is highly lethal to humans.
Palm Valley procedures indicate 72 hours must pass before proceeding with adoption or in some cases put down the animal. In this case, Hidalgo County has awarded the center 30 days to fully evaluate Charlie.
Palm Valley representatives tell Fox News wildlife rescue and rehabilitation will be taking care of Charlie in its center in Kendalia, Texas for the 30-day period.
The center wants community members to be cautious of having exotic animals as pets. They’re best left in their natural habitat.
Hidalgo authorities have confirmed the destiny of this primate after the 30 days will depend on the results of the evaluations. As for now, it will be receiving proper care.