Starr county officials have reported an increase in cases involving children sending explicit photos of themselves to each other social media. Authorities are asking parents to observe their children’s activities on social media to avoid more cases like these.

County, local, and school officials are working together to educate parents and children in the community about the dangers of publishing explicit photos on social media.

“In the last two months, we have had an influx/increase in cases regarding children sending naked nude pictures of themselves”

Victor Canales – Starr County Attorney

Starr County Attorney Victor Canales says they are investigating over 20 individuals that are sharing content of minors.  Some adults are even involved. An 11-year-old has been detained for sharing pictures through snap chat.

“These problems that we are having locally are not with our teens in high school. We’re not talking about 16 17 18-year-old teens. We are talking about 11 12 13-year-old kids that don’t know any better. That they think they know, but they really don’t”

Victor Canales – Starr County Attorney

Canales adds that they have already identified over 16 victims and there may be more. Officials are hoping to put an end to this crime since it can affect a child’s life.

We have children that have attempted suicide because of the cruelty of other kids. They become bullied. They attempt suicide. Sometimes they have to leave the district. 

Victor Canales – Starr County Attorney

Authorities are urging parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts and phone activity.

“Please go to your children’s phones. You’re paying the bill. It’s your phone. Look at them.”

Victor Canales – Starr County Attorney

They’re also speaking to children during school to educate them on the dangers of sending or taking and sharing explicit photos on social media. 

We have been actively doing presentations and talking to students.  We do one-on-one with students since we are on campus. Trying to prevent all of all this that is going on with the sexting”

Benjamin Gonzalez – Roma ISD Police Chief

Officials say they will continue to find ways to educate parents and the community to prevent children from falling victim to this crime.