According to Casa Misericordia, there is an increase in domestic violence reports. They add this is an indication that people are no longer afraid,
According to Laredo Police, since 2009, the number of domestic violence cases reported has increased an 8 percent. Their statistics show the number of cases has reduced a 38 percent while the number of arrests has dropped to 30 percent.
“That means that the message of education and advocacy to an event might escalate to violence that people have to trust to call LPD. Our officers are trained to walk into a home and mediate an argument, to mediate discussions between people and de-escalate an argument before it gets to a level of violence.”
In an effort to continue raising awareness, officials announced the 22nd annual domestic violence conference, where survivors will share their personal stories. Other topics include separation and divorce following an unhealthy relationship.
The conference will take place  October 4 at Texas A&M International University.  For more information on the event and ticket price, you can call 712-0037.