According to Cameron County officials, there has been an increase in child pornography cases in the Rio Grande Valley.
“The number continues to rise every time that the task force that you have in mind, sets up for an operation.”
Cameron County District Attorney, Luis Saenz tells Fox News that the rise of reports is very alarming. His department has received 20 to 30 new cases each month. Saenz says one of the reasons for the increase is because of the popularity of social media.
“The internet, the cell phones and the multiple apps that are out there that allow the predators to use those mediums to lure young children.”
Saenz added that parents need to monitor what their children are doing when using certain apps and social media accounts.
“So parents have to be very vigilant and stay on top of their children’s social media used by apps phone by taking their phones literally.”
Last week, a San Benito elementary teacher was arrested after confessing to downloading child pornography. Phillip Emmanuel Lopez was detained on May 3rd by federal agents.
Maria Yolanda Ruiz tells us her grandchildren attend the school where Lopez was employed and says she feels concerned about the situation.
“I’m not really scared, I’m simply just concerned that another school employee might do the same to the small children who don’t know how to defend themselves. One does not know what could happen.”
We tried speaking with the San Benito school district about the arrest, at the moment we are still waiting for a response.
Tomorrow, Lopez will appear in federal court for his bond hearing. We will keep you informed with the latest details.