Two hundred fifty National Guard soldiers are now in our border, just like president Donald Trump ordered. Rudy Espinoza. Hidalgo chief of police says it is a great benefit to the community knowing there will be more security to combat illegal smuggling, especially in cities like Hidalgo that are so close to the border.
“I think we’re in a special position, we’ve got not only the assistance of border patrol to assist but we got state, we got the game warden, and now to have military personnel to augment that security. I think it should give people a piece of mind.”
According to National Guard officials, at the moment they are working on the planning phase, establishing an agreement with border patrol. An estimate of 1,200 guards will be covering along the border. 700 from Laredo to Brownsville and about 400 from Laredo to El Paso, Texas. Chief Espinoza says he prefers having military men working along our border rather than in a foreign country overseas.
“We need to welcome them with open arms, we shouldn’t feel that there is a major threat, it’s more of security. We can have them now why not. It just adds like I said earlier, it’s a security blanket that we’ve laid over what’s already here.”
According to the president’s administration, these troops will be under the control and command of their respective governors.