Hidalgo County Hospital District to Appear on November Ballot

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The November elections bring many changes and impact at a national level. But locally, one of the most talked about is proposition 1.

Proposition one is the creation of the Hidalgo county hospital district, that will be funded in part by property owners, approving a tax rate of eight-cents per one hundred dollars on the value of your home.

The funds will also be used for indigent healthcare in Hidalgo County, in the new university of Texas Rio Grande valley as well as to obtain federal and/or state funds which they hope will facilitate health care options for valley residents.

This is why supporters gathered this morning to discuss some of the benefits of this proposition.

“Every business will follow many jobs will be created and many other things that can give an economic boost,”

The new medical school is set to start enrolling in early 2015.

So set your calendars valley residents, because you will be able to vote for or against this proposition, on November 4th.