Starting April 30th, employees from Hidalgo County can expect equal pay for equal work all across the board.
The 44 departments that make up Hidalgo County will soon be a part of these changes. Prior to the compensation plan, a secretary, per say, working in one department could be making 30 thousand dollars while her counterpart, doing the exact same job in a different department could be making 10 thousand dollars more.
There were a lot of complaints from employees in certain departments,
who were doing the exact same job, same title, but different departments and were paid less.
Under the direction of Hidalgo’s human resources department, commissioners have been working on this plan for a year. In 2012, this plan was shut down after complaints of unjustified raises in salaries.
Human resources tell us there is now a set criteria for raises including employees’ conduct, performance, and longevity.
“Every position is given a grade and these steps are the different raises that can be made with a good performance so that employees have the opportunity for raises.”
Employees share their take on the plan with Fox News.
“In the future, we will see the good in these changes. Everybody will be making the same across departments. If you’re an accountant, you’ll make the same regardless of department.”
Hidalgo County employees emphasize the importance of the compensation plan as it can alleviate wage disparities and even set a precedent for other counties and agencies.