Last Friday the FBI raided the Hidalgo County courthouse a second time. This time arresting a bailiff from the sheriff’s department.
This morning in a federal court, Oscar De La Cruz was charged with allegedly conspiring to falsify documents, in an attempt to traffic narcotics.
Bailiff De La Cruz stood before Judge Scott Hacker as he read a complaint that stated he played a role in a conspiracy to provide false documents on the transportation of approximately five kilograms of cocaine. It is yet to be determined if De La Cruz will hire a defense attorney.
It was on Friday afternoon that De La Cruz was arrested by federal agents while he was working, securing a courtroom. He had been employed for approximately two years.
Hidalgo County  Sheriff Eddie Guerra confirmed through social media that the FBI was conducting the arrest on Friday evening. We reached out to him this morning for comment but he was not available to do so.
Tomorrow, De La Cruz will face the judge again, in he will determine whether he will receive a bond.