RGV — In weather-related news, Hidalgo and Cameron counties are already preparing for severe weather.

Several locations offering free sandbags to residents. Two years ago, Precinct Four was severely hit by rainfall, forcing some residents out of their homes. Tonight, preparations are underway so that remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey, are minimum. Seven areas suffered major impact during a 2015 storm. This was the scene at Kenyon Street north of Edinburg. Water filled most homes and several families had to be evacuated. But officials say, a lot has been done since those days to avoid such disasters.

Edinburg resident, Roberto Morales is already preparing with sandbags at home. Precinct Four Commissioner, Joseph Palacios says residents can help out by making sure, drainage systems are clear from clogging. Adding that crews are preparing to be on-call in case of emergencies within their precinct. Sandbags will be available for distribution tomorrow from seven am to seven pm and will be on standby during the weekend if conditions call for more severe weather.

For more information on the distribution of sandbags or if you have an emergency during the storm– and you’re a Precinct Four resident– you are asked to call (956) 383-3112.