McAllen, Texas– We had a very enthusiastic visitor to our studios today.  Mr. Bill Hill showed up with some very clear messages on display all over the side of his truck.  The signs on the sides of his truck read “Impeach the do-nothing congress” and another sign reads “We need term limits on congress.  It’s not a lifetime job”.

We asked him about the signs and what kind of reactions he receives on the road.

“The people not just here in Texas, but in Florida and Colorado that see these… nobody gives me a negative about these (signs)… and the way I feel, especially with Texas…  Texas is Trump Country. I think he (Trump) is being treated wrong. He’s done more for this country than any president that I can remember. I want to get a sign made that says Promises made, Promises kept. Trump has done that. I don’t remember any other president ever fulfilling their promises.”

Bill Hill – Trump Supporter

Fox News South Texas wants to know what you, the valley, think of this very enthusiastic Trump supporter and message.  

Do you agree with Mr. Bill Hill’s comments about congress and the impeachment trial? 

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