EDINBURG (KFXV) — Investigators finding a man dead inside his car in a rural part of the city.

The suspect is behind bars tonight and facing capital murder charges, after confessing to deputies his participation in the homicide.


Thirty-seven-year-old, Juan David Garcia was detained at his home located at the 3800 block of Segura Mendoza Drive, in connection to the murder of Anastacio Rocha– whose body was found Monday night inside his vehicle — with a gunshot wound to his head.


During Garcia’s apprehension, deputies found evidence of the crime in his home– located about a mile of where Rocha’s body was actually found.


Police have not determined where exactly the murder of Rocha, took place.

Garcia’s bond is set at 800,000 dollars.

Authorities also confirmed that another person of interest has been placed in custody.


Police tell us, Garcia has an extensive criminal record and is affiliated to a street gang.


The other person of interest in this case, is expected to face during the following days.