Governor Abbott spoke about the importance of securing our border and applauded the National Guard for their service to our state and country. Adding that the move made by the president was the right one.
“This operation is necessary in order to deal with what has been an escalation of cross-border traffic.”
According to him and border patrol, there has been an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants of more than 200% crossing the border, he also said that the amount of MS13 gang members crossing has also risen.
“It’s our responsibility to on behalf of our fellow Americans to stop those MS13 gang members before they get across the border.”
He also talked about how the national guard will be assisting border patrol on the border.
“The National Guard is not going to be involved in the process of apprehending people who have come across the border illegally, instead they will be involved in things such as surveillance, such as flying helicopters.”
We spoke to Maria Mengrone who is a public affairs officer for the Texas military department, who says these troops are also part of the community.
“The soldiers that wear this uniform are members of the community, we are teachers, we are plumbers we are doctors, lawyers and we are here to serve with dignity and honor.”
Abbott says that at the moment 762 texas national guardsmen are involved in this operation and adds that it will increase by 300 per week until they reach 1400 soldiers.