Governor Abbott Includes Hidalgo County in Emergency Disaster Proclamation

The Valley saw yet another rainy weekend delaying recovery efforts in flood prone areas. Governor Abbott now declaring the County of Hidalgo as one of 37 counties under an emergency disaster proclamation… Meaning more help is on the way.

What was typically a scorched landscape dried up by decades of drought now flows a constant stream of water after the two latest rains in the past two weeks has dumped over 28 inches of water, causing damages to low lying areas.

Disaster brought to the north and northeastern parts of Hidalgo County, prompting local authorities to request state and federal resources, now ratified by Governor Greg Abbott, who has now proclaimed 37 counties as disaster areas following the destructive weather.

Hidalgo County has already spent about 1.5 million dollars on disaster relief efforts, inching closer to the 2 million threshold needed for state reimbursement.

Meanwhile local authorities will continue pumping water out of flooded areas and waiting for state and federal aid to come within a month. If you live in a flooded area contact your precinct commissioner or county offices at (956) 318-2615.

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