Gov. Abbott Visits the Border

McALLEN (KFXV) — Leaders from agencies met today in South Texas to discuss border security and what the new administration should look into.
Fox News was present in a meeting with the new Secretary of Homeland Security.
State Governor Greg Abbott met with John Kelly today for a tour of the Texas – Mexico border. This first-hand look at the Rio Grande Valley, aimed at learning more about what security efforts are in place and what still needs to be done.
Newly appointed department of Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly along with Texas Governor Greg Abbot, and the director of the Department of Public Safety visited the South Texas border to determine the real issues in what is deemed an important area in the nation.
DPS Director, Steve McCraw adding that more resources are necessary to properly safeguard the border.
Aside from touring different sites, the officials also took the opportunity to personally meet with men and women who work on the front lines of border security.
Secretary Kelly, says he hopes to visit the Rio Grande Valley more often, in an effort to better recognize the needs of the community.

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