Gang-Related Drive-by Shooting Suspects Face Judge

In San Juan, three men involved in a gang-related drive-by shooting faced a judge today.

Three men remain behind bars tonight after their involvement in a drive-by shooting, Tuesday night, north of the city of San Juan. Wearing modesty sheets, 34 year-old, José Ramirez Jr. Along with his 22 year-old brother, Jesus Angel Ramirez, and nephew, 18 year old Luis Anthony Ramirez were charged this afternoon in regard to the drive-by shooting last night at 143 Deanna Drive. Moments after the shooting, a search warrant was issued and all three suspects were detained at a home located at 1803 Calle Linda. The shotgun used in the shooting, was found hidden in the attic of the residence. Each suspect was charged with deadly conduct and given a $100,000 bond, Ramirez Jr. Was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, receiving an additional $100,000 bond. Fox 2 News learned that Ramirez Jr has a previous conviction of aggravated sexual assault. Although, the men claim to be former members of local street gang, “Latin Kings”, authorities say, they have enough evidence that proves they are still active in the gang.

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