Thousands of residents in Alton will now be able to obtain free internet access. According to Alton officials, 48% of the population is 25 years of age or younger.¬†Which is why they began this project. In 2016 the city of Alton launched a pilot program granting the community free internet. However, due to the high traffic, they decided to increase wi-fi use by placing additional tower signals.According to the city’s development CEO, the primary purpose is to aid students with school projects. As some rural areas have zero online access.Through the smart city wifi, the community will now have 1.5 mega hertz of service thanks to the new towers placed around the city.This project also benefiting businesses in Alton. Residents who would like a faster internet service can purchase a package thru a private company hired by the city. Thanks to smart city wi-fi approximately 16 thousand residents in Alton will now have free internet service.